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Trophy Club Municipal Court Services Relocate to Roanoke

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November 1, 2021


Trophy Club, TX (November 01, 2021) – In an effort to increase efficiency and  better utilize resources, Trophy Club will be outsourcing its municipal court operations to the City of Roanoke through a joint interlocal agreement……..Similar merges to combine court operations have taken place in other communities such as Colleyville and Keller. 

"The Trophy Club Municipal Court had seen approx. 700 – 800 citations per year, and could save about $30K with the creation of the joint court," Town Manager Wade Carroll said. “The key is to be efficient and cost-effective," he said. “Trophy Club didn’t have enough court activity to justify a full-time employee. 

For the convenience of TC residents, services will still be available online and over the phone. If a resident desires to speak to someone in person, it will require going to 609 Dallas Dr. Roanoke, TX 76262.

"We are doing this for the residents of both of our towns in order to hold the line on rising costs to operate,” Mayor Fleury said. “We are trying to give the people the same services they are used to without a change in taxes. To do that, we have to use every avenue at our disposal to save on costs.” 

About the transition:

"For Roanoke and Trophy Club, that date will be Nov. 1, 2021. Trophy Club will hold their first court docket under this joint venture on Tuesday November 9, 2021 at 609 Dallas, Dr Trophy Club, TX 76262", Carroll said.

Although the courts were combined effective Oct. 1, the decision and groundwork for combining the courts has been a work in progress for months.

"It's the behind-the-scenes details that's taken some time to work out, and in the last month or so, the two staffs have met to make certain that this is the right decision for both municipalities and that the processes and procedures are effective for both entities. When you consolidate these things, you've got to be sure all aspects of the operations fit together." Carroll said. "It's much more than just having people go to a different building it is important to me and our Council that our citizens receive the same level of service." 

How it works:

Roanoke Presiding Municipal Judge Greg Bertrand along with Associate Municipal Judges Alison J. Grant and Gilland Chenault were appointed judges in Trophy Club, along with Roanoke Prosecutor Caprice Garcia and will preside over Trophy Club cases brought before our court that will be held in Roanoke.

The agreement assures that Trophy Club Court Dockets will be held at least once a month just as they always have. Most interactions with the court system can be handled online through the website, or over the phone but if people wish to see a judge, Court will be held in Roanoke instead of Trophy Club Town Hall.   

However, if they want to pay off the ticket instead, they can pay online, over the phone, or in person at the municipal court at 609 Dallas Drive, Roanoke, TX 76262 or mail in a payment to the same address. 

Savings and cents:

Outsourcing our Court Operations allows Trophy Club to cut Court costs and improve Trophy Club’s fiscal position.

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