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Team Highlights in the FY 21 Annual Report

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February 7, 2022


The Town of Trophy Club leadership and staff strive to provide high quality standards in the services offered and exceptional customer service in Trophy Club for the community. This report represents those efforts and the wonderful work that is being done behind the scenes.  “This report gives a unique look and perspective into what's happening," Town Manager Wade Carroll said. "It shows transparency through our teams’ efforts and keeps us accountable while we work to provide a high quality of life and promote the economic wellness within the Town.”

View the FY 2021 Annual Report here.

The Annual Report is comprised of: A Messages from Leadership, Recognitions, Goals, Accomplishments, Communication Highlights, and an overall snapshot of the Town by the Numbers.

The report includes:

Message from Leadership – In this section, readers will have a short message from Mayor Alicia Fleury as well as from Town Manager Wade Carroll, each highlighting key takeaways from the past year.  

Recognitions and Goals – This section shows a high-level review of the recognitions the Town received over the 2021 fiscal year. This section also provides a quick look at the primary goals the team was focused on in 2021.

Accomplishments and Highlights – Within this section, you’ll find a list of the various accomplishments from all of the multiple departments. Also included, there is a high-level snapshot of the communications and marketing highlights showcasing the engagement and channels to which information was provided to the community.

By the Numbers – This section displays a breakdown with valuation information for the Town in Fiscal Year 2021. The data and information provided includes demographic details, employment analytics, development activity, budget numbers and sales tax rate analysis.

To learn more about the FY 2021 Annual Report or view the document here or give us a call at 682.237.2900.

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